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Ulemas Criticized Black Sheep Zakir Naik « Spreading the Sunni point of View

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Ulemas Criticized Black Sheep Zakir Naik « Spreading the Sunni point of View



  1. love of prophet is soul of imaan zakir naik is a munafik

  2. ZAKIR NAIK is a devillish figure in the guise of a learned religious scholar. muslims must know that SHAYTAN also possesses high quality knowledge & intellect,so never get inspired by zakir naik’s intelligence. he is a hypocryte,

      “devillish figure” ???
      So you have seen the devil have you ??? 🙂
      It is quite obvious that you are one of the parrot gang mentality
      Dr Naik is NOT a scholar !
      and how does one get inspired by zakir naik, i can understand “impressed” but i just cannot understand your term of inspired. A muslim will never get inspired by zakir naik, he will merely get impressed, however a non muslim will get “INSPIRED” as a new door will open to him in the form of Islam.
      Hypocryte ????
      ,and you are?
      grow up !

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  4. how a person is kafir who’s give invitation for imaan

  5. baa karoo yaar …khud to kuch nhn skte ho else posting your comments here and there and the person who has taken the responsibilities of being a muslim in a true manner is a kafr according to you…wow…..r u an Alim??? hv u done dars-e-nizami tht u r posting such fatwas…

    the main thing is tht you only critisize him because he has differences with other sects on those issues which r not proven…everyone sect has its own thinking…nd differing your view doesnt makes a person kafir..

    go do something for islam nd muslim do just sit nd talk about other ppl…..

    u r calling tht person kafir who has been chosen by Allah to spread the msg of truth nd millions of non-muslims hv entered islam thru him….

    plzzz stop being biased nd do somthin practical…

    May Allah show all of us the right path…

  6. i agree with zeeshan.
    if you love the prophet sw so much why dont you follow his sunnah when it came to conducting oneself? Did he backbite and call all those Quraysh kaffir? and munafiq etc? No. Did he act on anger and hatred? No. Was he wise and thoughtful and considerate? Yes. Are you guys? Well you can answer that. Peace out.

    • @beel
      I can answer that ?
      peace off !

  7. If any body wants 2 knw abt zakir naik he shud visit youtube.he said aj ki tareekh mai hm huzur sallahoalaihiwasslm se bi nai mang skte. Aor bi bht kuch youtube

  8. Uske hisab se aorte masjid jaye aor wahan namaz pade.kya use hzrt umr k ftwe pr aitbar nai.trawee mai sirf 8 rakaat q padte hai?kya use hzrt umr k faisle pr aitbar nai.

    • @ Siraj lucknw
      What fatwah is that ?
      What is this gibberish about trust in umar ?
      The only people that do not like umar is the Shia !

      For your information the people in the great mosque used to read tarawee seperateley, it was suggested that , would it not be better if these tarawees were read in the form of jamaat, and as there was no opposition to this, permission was given (not fatwah) to proceed as this new bidah (innovation) was deemed as a “good bidah” and therefore 20 rakaats were established in the big mosques. Apart from the Shia’s no one else has any objection to this, but a lot of people like you will try to invent objections.
      The prophet never came out of his house to lead the prayers on the third night and the sahabah knocked on his door and heckled him…… but what did the prophet tell them:
      ” I have not come out, as i fear that this salah becomes Fard upon you”
      he has also stated in a very strongly response:
      ” That tarawee is a nafali salah (ibadat), and perform the nafali (ibadat) in your homes”
      The prophet never came out to lead the salah again, as he performed all his nafali ibadat at home……… have you got the sense in your brains to understand that this IS also a sunnat
      The people in authority for example, the caliphate have the power to allow or dissallow a practice or something in the deen
      So if you want to read the tarawee in the mosque, thats all right, if you want to read your tarawee in your house that is allright, if you are reading 20 rakaat, then that is allright, if you are reading 8 then that is allright, in madinah there was 35 rakaats read, in makkah 20 rakaats, the prophet read 8 in his house.
      In the time of Ali, as he was passing the congregation were engaged in reading the 20 rakat, and he showed his dissapointment and commented that, this congregation is busy reading the 20 rakaats now but the real blessing of the highest reward will be missed by them because they will be fast asleep as they will miss the most rewarding prayer which the prophet used to read during the ramadaan in his house.
      However i know you will never ever listen to me, or recognize any form of evidence, so i will take you to something that you cannot reject , and that is the quranic translation and tafseer by Ahl hazrat regarding tarawee, he clearly states (please read yourself) that it is evidently proven that the 20 rakaats are allowed, but he catagorically pointed out that : “those who read 8 rakaats are also valid, and that you should not hassle them or critisize them” ?????
      So stop this “gang” attitude, and get yourself some real knowledge and stop acting like parrots, and stop being puppets for idiots and romantic fools.

  9. zakir naik ko chahiye ke wo sirf riligious camparison ke had tak baat kare……..furooi masaail ko na touch kare…….iske liye mustanad aalim ki zaroorat hai

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